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Help us continue to support startup co-ops with free resources and consultations! In our first 10 years, Food Co-op Initiative (FCI) helped over 141 startup food co-ops to open their doors. With direct support, online training, educational tools, and our FCI Seed Grant programs, we've effectively helped startup food co-ops learn, communicate, connect, and get their stores open.

10 years = 130 NEW food co-ops = 1020 jobs = 130 newly resilient communities. Learn more about FCI's Impact.

Now in our 11th year, FCI has seen 140 new co-ops open their doors. Is the wave of new co-ops slowing down? Apparently not! It is shifting into more small rural towns and large inner city communities. We are currently working with over 138 additional communities that are working hard to start their own food co-ops and the calls don't stop coming.

But it's getting more and more expensive to open new food co-ops. And it takes more help than ever to get any new co-op up and open. Luckily, we've been learning what works now, collecting best practices, and building new tools to meet new challenges for startups.

Startup efforts are also getting more diverse. We're working with a growing number of groups opening food co-ops in low-income communities, especially in major cities. We're watching closely how the existing models of development for food co-ops work, and don't work, for these communities and fostering learning and communication between startups in these areas.

We're up to the challenge of continuing to support startups. What we need now is your support.

Ready to help build the next 138 food co-ops? We need your support now more than ever!

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